Rebuilding a
generation of
Shas Yidden

It all began in 2,000…

Dirshu was founded on a mission to help yidden love and live with Torah. What do people do when they absolutely love something? They study it, they learn it, they argue about it, they delve into it.

To inspire this kind of passion for Torah, Dirshu created a system of accountability that requires a Dirshu Yid to be fully immersed in the world of Shas. From bechinas to chaburahs, with Dirshu, Torah becomes his way of life.

It is all about commitment…

Being a Dirshu Lomed is a life choice. It’s a commitment to weave Torah into the fabric of his life, his family, his routine


The Dirshu Yid follows a rigorous learning calendar with monthly bechinas. Every word he learns is accounted for. He acquires masechtes, he is out to conquer the world of Torah.


Lip-service is not the way of the Dirshu Yid. His fire for Torah, his thirst for knowledge drives him, day after day, no matter the time, day or season, to master the Talmud.


The Dirshu Yid savors the sweetness of his family’s admiration and encouragement. A Dirshu bechina is a family project, a Dirshu siyum is a family simcha!

It is all over the world